Scheduling rules

1. Cooperation is strongly encouraged
2. All games should be played - Forfeits are not desirable
3. Home team is entitled to schedule games in ways that benefit its coaching conflicts and good usage of field space.
4. Game times should take into account travelling distance and efforts should be made to not burden the Guest team with extreme hours of departure/arrival (i.e. 6AM/10PM)   
5. Games on Academic tests dates (SAT/ACT) should be scheduled no earlier than 2PM (later if the Guest travels from further distance)
6. For Games on Special Events dates (Homecoming/Prom) the Home team is expected to make an extra effort to accommodate the Guests
7. Matches should be officiated by the three-person FIFA/USSF Referee System. In the event, the assigned officials fail to appear (within 10 minutes of the match time); an attempt to secure certified officials to officiate the match should be done. In the event certified USSF officials are not available, the Referee may appoint Club Assistant Referees. Club Assistant Referees shall be limited to decisions only on touchlines and possession as specified by FIFA/USSF Referee Guidelines.

Rescheduling is acceptable for any reason as long as both parties agree.  
In case the parties do not agree, Tournament and ODP participation are the only instances when the League will step in and demand a reschedule.  
Coaching conflicts are not an acceptable reason to expect the opponent to agree to reschedule a game.  Item #1 is strongly emphasized in this case.

Game Day responsibilities

HOME Team Responsibilities
Print three copies of the Game Card - One is for the CR, one for the home team and one for the visiting team
Enter the correct score AND RED CARDS into gotsoccer with 24 hours of match completion.
AWAY (VISITING) Team Responsibilities
Confirm match score was entered correctly by the home team, or enter score if it was not entered in a timely manner.   

In order to enter a score you will need the following information: 
- Event ID number 
- Event PIN 
- Game Number
This information is printed on the Game Card of the game you are reporting a score for.  You do not need to log into your team account to report a score. 
Call-in info and phone number is on the Game Card too.
Direct link to report score on-line:
CRL North Guest Player Policy 
Guests allowed – 5 per game from within the Registration League.  Players must have current CYSA player passes and 1601 form.

CRL North Substitution Rules 
Unlimited substitutions on Throw-ins, Goal-kicks and Kick-offs. Me-too rule (per CCSL)

Other general rules
CRL Cal North games follow the Rules posted on the CRL Website - where applicable to Cal North - and except the two specific guest/substitution policies mentioned above.
For situations not covered in the CRL Rules document, the Cal North games and procedures will follow the CCSL Rules and Procedures.
How to set up an additional At Large game
Login your gotsoccer team account, click on CalNorth Premier Leagues event and open a Support ticket and mention the team(s) you want to challenge.  We'll set up the games and you can begin communicating with the opponent and decide on date/time/location and update the schedule.  You can challenge any team within the CalNorth Premier Leagues.
Being challenged does not mandate you playing the game.  You can (politely) refuse.